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Upon receipt of a request, there is always someone responsible for immediately initiating the sampling manufacturing process. This means we are usually able to provide a same-day response.


We work with several suppliers specialised in all sorts of accessories, tags, buttons, lace, ribbon and appliqués, etc.


We work with suppliers who have an almost immediate response capability and who are very versatile in terms of fabric quality.


We have several sewing machines with electronic systems; we have been purchasing our equipment in order to keep up with market trends.



The Cutting Section has a CAD/CAM modelling system and tables with spreaders and automatic cutters, enabling us an average monthly capacity of 300,000 pieces.


We have industrial irons and aspiration and vacuum tables.

Stamping and Embroidery

Our partners/suppliers are renowned companies who use modern and state-of-the-art machinery and processes according to current market trends.


We have partnerships with 15 companies, whose subcontracting levels enable us to have a maximum production flow or around 600 people.



Machinery and Equipment

Our manufacturing equipment includes several sewing machines, all of which are equipped with electronic systems and automatic line cut systems.
We have industrial irons and aspiration and vacuum tables for the finishing touches.
The cutting section has cad/cam and band saws in order to quickly respond to the typical client we work with, since we have basically dedicated ourselves to orders for stripes and dyed yarn.
In terms of corporate organisation and management, we are fully computerised and focus on quality planning and management based on the most up-to-date IT. 
At this moment we have a different philosophy and a more aggressive way of dealing with anything web related. Our clients, who are our main drivers, are all familiar with the web system and have, without realising it, led us to adopt the same standards.
Accordingly, we realised that this is one of the main, if not the foremost, channel in which to disseminate who we are and what we do.

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