Social Projects – União Desportiva de São Veríssimo

In early 2006, Vítoro Arezes (owner and founder of VLV Têxteis), decided to take on the presidency of the União Desportiva de São Veríssimo (U.D.S.V.) to prevent the association’s demise. Through this project we want to give every young man and woman in Tamel São Veríssimo (where VLV Têxteis is located) the opportunity to practice sports without any costs.

To better explain the idea behind this project, we transcribe the most recent letter from the president of U.D.S.V. to it’s associates:

“(…)We know how important sports practice is to the development of children and teenagers all over the country, and it’s no diferent in our parish. Sports practice not only allows a healthy phisycal developement, it also takes our children from the streets and away from bad habits. This is also the objective of this association.
With this in mind, this management as taken on this project wholeheartedly, motivated by the social service it can and must provide for all the residents in this parish and others.
To all 140 athletes, 35 directors, coaches of all levels, I wish an excellent 2012/2013 season, and may you face the competitions in a healthy way where the spirit of Fair-play stands strongest towards all our opponents and everyone involved.     From the proud President of U.D.S.V,Thank you all.Vitor Manuel da Silva Arezes”

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